Graphic Design

Graphic-DesignYour brand image is an important symbol of your company’s reputation. As SW Washington’s longest running and most successful graphic design firm, you can trust us as your ally providing excellence and confidence in your image’s promotion.

What is Graphic Design Branding?

It is your name, design, motto or combination of these becoming the symbol that identifies and differentiates you from other sellers. But more than just a symbol of these things, your brand invokes a feeling about how prospects and clients perceive your business. Therefore you must understand that a good brand gets the target market to choose you over the competition, and makes them feel good about their choice. Your brand has provided a solution to their problem, and the visual of your brand reminds them that choosing you will make their life easier and assist their objectives as well.

A good brand will:

• Clearly deliver your message
• Emotionally connect you with your prospects
• Cements customer loyalty

Once established, strengthen your brand recognition by clearly and uniformly integrating it across all levels of public communication.

Areas of Graphic Design Branding:

Your Logo
Business Cards & Stationary
Products and Packaging
Promotional Items & Apparel Merchandising

A strong brand is invaluable and requires constant vigilance and nurturing. It reminds customers of their experience with your business and the promise your service makes. It is the cornerstone of your graphic design and marketing, so make sure to spend time investing in building and defining your brand.