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Modern day Digital Marketing is symbiotic. There are many elements that contribute to a well functioning brand’s marketing campaign, and they all work together to improve the characteristics of the others. If one element is missing, or not working properly, the whole system will either break down or work inefficiently. That translates to extra costs for you with lower conversions.

We believe in a holistic approach to your marketing environment and look at the full picture. We analyze how each system relates to the other to enhance your marketing campaign investment and maximize ROI.

Digital Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is extremely important when you are planning to optimize your site. Content is king, and the right content is emperor. Experienced SEO’s know what search engines are looking for in a post, graphics, video, relevant content etc. A good SEO knows the right combination to help boost your business organically. Extensive research must be done before you begin to map out your landing pages. Using this research strategically is crucial for your:

  • Landing Pages
  • Blog + Social Media Content
  • Increased Conversion Rates

Digital Marketing:


Analytics is the cornerstone of how to apply statistics to your campaigns and measure the successes and failures of your advertising. Without it your paid search campaigns will not be measurable nor successfully editable. How will you know what is working or not working without data from CTR’s, or the even more important acquisitions? You’ll be throwing good money after bad if you don’t know how your site and advertising campaigns are performing. This data will help give you direction and insights into the demographics and behaviors of your target customers. Analytics is used for:


  • Data on functionality of campaigns
  • Testing ads (A/B split testing)
  • Competition research and comparison

Digital Marketing:

Visuals (Graphic Design)

These days your image isn’t the only thing, it’s everything! Your visuals will be seen across all mediums and instantly gives customers a feeling about your brand. It’s important that your graphics are exceptional in all your visual mediums. The quality of graphic design you put out leaves customers with a feeling that you are a professional brand that can be trusted, or a cheap business that doesn’t have it’s ducks in a row.

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Websites: While many websites can look amazing (again, image is everything) it can also negatively effect your SEO if it’s not built correctly. Some really cool visual features may effect your load speed  and ability for search engines to “read” your page. Knowing how to optimize, where and when is essential. Make sure your designer understands the difference and implement it into your site’s build. Each keyword, competitor and brand personality must be taken into account when creating a landing page for your site. Without proper knowledge of optimization, your beautiful website may never be seen on the web if search engines don’t serve it up in a queue.

Social Media: again, your posts should have a professional feel (it builds trust); all your graphics should be sharp

Print Collateral: people tend to forget that printing is also included in digital media. Most printing is done digitally, and your images must be set up correctly to maximize impact. Business cards, brochures, flyers, coupons, car wraps, building signage, promotional products etc, need to flow.

Digital Marketing: Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Pay Per Click is known as PPC or paid search. It is when you pay for advertising on a search engine. You can attain a higher ROI with a PPC campaign because people on search engines (such as Google or Bing) are actively looking to buy. They are “searching” for your product, and it’s our job to get you seen on that search. So many factors go into getting this visibility and SEO, Graphic Design visuals, Website landing pages all work together to help with this visibility ranking. Without the others, your paid search ad won’t be as successful. This success depends on the symbiotic relationship and also:

  • Clever Pay Per Click ads 
  • Keyword targeting 
  • Research (KW and competitor)

Symbiotic Success

It’s important that all the pieces of your Digital Marketing properties fit together. Look at the whole picture, while making sure each part is in working order. Without proper SEO research and content, your search engine ads won’t get served up properly.

Your website landing pages, and social media posts must reflect this optimization as it effects the organic rank and success of your PPC ads. The analytics is a tool to help you create those good PPC ads and to measure the success of your campaign. These statistics also give you a good idea of what customers are looking for, in order to create better content. Your graphic design image ties together all the pieces in a quick visual that invokes a positive feeling about your brand.

When one piece is off, it could ruin all you are trying to accomplish. It’s kind of like making the most delicious steak in the world. You can cook it just right, but if you serve it on a garbage can lid, no one will want to eat it. Therefore, every piece in your digital marketing process must flow together holistically for the best organic results.

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