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There is no better way to tangibly get your brand out than using promotional products. Also known in the industry as Advertising Specialty or Corporate Gifts.

You might be looking for marketing tools to promote your business, gifts for employees or clients, or advertising specialty for a special event. Promotional Products are commonly known as “swag” and is a great way to grow brand recognition, create loyalty, and generate sales.

Timing, relevance, and pricing all go into your promo or merch strategy. But don’t just buy a promo item just to have something.  Trinkets are a thing of the past, so your swag must be useful and relevant.

Just like free information you might give to customers on your blog, swag is another way to give something to customers or potential buyers. For example: toothbrushes from a children’s dentist office is a common one to give. But wouldn’t a fidget spinner be better? Kids remember the place where they got the cool spinner and want to go back there. Parents like to indulge that. Is this toy relevant, not really, but it is swag and kids love it. They aren’t really thrilled about another toothbrush.

Bags have the highest ROI in the promo world, and one of my favorites are recycled shopping totes. They are useful, and get used over and over again at a grocery store or farmer’s market where there are potentially hundreds of impressions.

You can literally print on almost ANYTHING so there really is no ceiling to what is possible. Wine bottles, cigars, chairs, ear buds, USB drives, glass, leather, water bottles, rubber bracelets, temporary tattoos, keychains, jewelry and on and on. You see it, we can print on it.

There are also some vendors that carry luxury brands for Corporate gifts. These are great for special clients during the holidays, VIP’s or a way to reward excellence in the workplace. For example, Creative Media carries Pendleton Woolen Mills products and Votivo candles.

Of course merch also includes apparel, which is the second largest commodity behind food. Hoodies, tees, athletic uniforms, professional uniforms, can all be printed or embroidered with your logo. You can get custom scarves for fans of a sports team, custom shoe laces, or custom ribbons for the cheer team. The sky is the limit.

Here are some ideas where you could use promotional products to improve your brand visibility:

  • Corporate Holiday Gifts
  • Corporate Recognition
  • Conferences
  • Athletic team fan gear
  • Athletic team awards
  • Parade give-aways
  • Merchandise sales
  • Festival give-aways

If you need help with a promotional marketing strategy, we have the experience to integrate that into your overall plan.

If you want to find something, you can look on our product search engine, or just call us and we will do the looking for you. We know the best items for your budget. Click below to browse some of the thousands of items available to you!

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