Brand Logo Design

Pretty much everything we do here involves Graphic Design. From your social media profile pic to brand logo image, signage, website, printing and more. Most all of that first starts with a killer brand logo. This is your calling card, your fashion statement and you want to get it right.

Here are some examples, feel free to make an appointment to see a larger sampling of what we do. We have created hundreds of logos, websites and illustrations over the years so you’ll only see a few, but we think it will give you a good idea of our capabilities.

Website Design

Here are some examples of Website Design we have done. You must have a mobile responsive website anymore these days, and that is why we design with mobile first in mind. If your site isn’t moblie friendly, you will seriously hurt your SEO as well as make it hard for customers to find you on the web. With over 70% of all internet searches done via mobile phones, you have to make your site responsive.

No kidding, we have had a customer insist on NOT having a mobile responsive site, because it looked “different” than her online site. After explaining it looks different because the screen size is different on other devices, and that we only do mobile responsive, we found her unmovable. This was hard to fathom, but some people just don’t get it, won’t listen to professionals and are stuck in their ways.

We find these sights embarrassing for us to build, but one of our pillars is to give the customer what they want even if we think it’s a bad idea. We just won’t show you that site, we’d rather it didn’t exist anyway.

Illustrations + Fantasy Art

One of the things I love about us is that our agency has real designers. Not just nerds who can manipulate clip art but real gifted artists who can actually create an image from scratch.

We’ve done a lot of custom illustrations, photo restorations and manipulations. For example, we’ve taken an old photo of someone’s great grandparent and restored it beyond it’s original glory for the family to enjoy for generations. We are able to take an everyday photo and create a fantasy world around it for clients who like to have fun with their photos.

Illustrations can created of a product or for an event,  or even created for something that doesn’t exist but looks like it does, or should. One example of that is a sweet drawing Chris did of a green (the client’s company colors) classic car. The client liked it so much, they actually had the car built from scratch! It is now known as the “Green Machine” and has become and icon of the business. We’re pretty proud of that, because that is what good design is all about.


Check out these packaging examples for food products. Because of our extensive experience in retail marketing and fulfillment and direct relationships with companies like Costco, and Rite-Aid, we understand the dimensions your packaging needs to be. Another thing most designers don’t understand is that each retailer has their own criteria for what size and weight products must be and how they want to receive them. It’s a complicated business and if you don’t know what retailers are expecting, it can cost you thousands in having to re-do your packaging.

Signs & Wraps

Signs are hugely important, literally and figuratively. Signs are expensive, and depending on where you signs are, there are some rules you’ll have to follow. For example, if you lease from a corporate park, your signage often must be paid for through their vendor, and it will have to follow the style guidelines the building owner chooses. Almost like a neighborhood association decides what kinds of paint color the houses in the neighborhood are allowed to be painted.

You may have freedom over what kind of signage you get, but keep in mind how important it is that the image looks good in large scale. This is you putting it out there to the community and you want to look legit. Make sure your vendor knows how to build what you need and your designer has experience in what your needs are.

Say you are a candidate for office. You want “yard signs” so you get some printed on a white background but when the sun shows through, you can see the other side and it is no longer readable. Maybe your building sign is too small to see from the highway. Scale is really important and make sure your designer understands that.

Print Collateral + Promotional Items

It’s a fancy word for anything that you have that’s been printed on. In this case, we’re talking about all the rest of the stuff that isn’t a sign or online. So basically tangible items with your brand logo on it.

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery + Envelopes
  • Direct Mailing Pieces
  • Menus
  • Car Wraps
  • Brochures
  • Promotional Items (bags, pens, mugs, shirts etc)

Promo items are great for political campaigns and live events. They are a great way to get your business noticed in the community at these events, and people love free stuff. Don’t confuse that with free junk. Giving out junk is bad, but giving out useful cool stuff people can use over and over increases the ROI of the product, giving people a feeling of trust and liking for your business.

Some of my favorite promo items are pens, and reusable grocery bags for adults. If you have a kid-centric business like an orthodontist or pediatric dentist,try things like fidget spinners, and rubber wrist bands. One of our favorite clients is the Rose City Rollers (I am a retired Roller) and they are very active in the community, always giving stuff out at parades and bouts. We’ve done cool stuff like scarves, frisbees, lanyards, roller skate shaped key-chains, pens with bottle openers, megaphones, pom poms etc. Watch the video to see some of the cool stuff we’ve created.

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