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Graphic Design brand imaging is an important symbol of your company’s reputation. It’s your calling card, your fashion statement. It lets the world know who you are and what you are about. Are you a Balenciaga gown, or a jeans and tee shirt kind of company? That’s up to you, it’s our job to help get that point across in a glance.

What is Graphic Design For Anyway?

Many people underestimate the power of good graphic design. Basically a designer is someone who can take a photo or idea, and create an image from scratch that looks really amazing online and in print.

Your name, design, motto or combination of these becomes the symbol (logo) that identifies and differentiates you from other sellers. More than just a symbol of these things, your brand invokes a feeling about how prospects and clients perceive your business.

So basically, your logo image is a symbol of your company and your brand is how they feel about it.

Likewise, a good brand gets the target market to choose you over the competition, and makes them feel good about their choice. Your brand has provided a solution to their problem, and the visual of your brand reminds them that choosing you will make their life easier and assist their objectives as well.

A good brand will:

• Clearly deliver your message
• Emotionally connect you with your prospects
• Cement customer loyalty

Once established, strengthen your brand recognition by clearly and uniformly integrating it across all levels of public communication.

Areas of Graphic Design logos and branding:

Your Logo
Business Cards & Stationary
Products and Packaging
Promotional Items & Apparel Merchandising

Graphic designers can do a lot of cool things like “restore” an old family photo, create fantasy art, cool tattoos etc. The most important thing a designer does is make sure an image looks good across all online applications. Have you ever been frustrated because your art looks fuzzy online, or won’t fit the background bar correctly? A designer can create your image in the correct format. Your artwork needs to scale correctly across all mediums. A professional designer knows how to use industry tools to accomplish that. 

Don’t make the mistake of letting your friend’s kid who-likes-to-dabble-in-photoshop-so-he-thinks-he’s-a-designer create your artwork. Would you hire an inexperienced accountant? So why would you entrust the foremost important image of your business to anyone than than a professional? If your artwork is sub-par then that is how your customers will perceive your business.

And please, please don’t try to do it yourself.


Again with the accountant analogy: would you be your own accountant? Don’t say yes just because you want to save a few dollars. You will pay for it in the long run when you have to hire a professional to fix your mistakes. Let’s try another one: would you be your own plumber? No? There’s your answer.

A good rule is if you wouldn’t hire yourself to do the job, then don’t do it.

So it boils down to this: a strong brand logo is invaluable and requires constant vigilance and nurturing. It reminds customers of their experience with your business and the promise your service makes. It is the cornerstone of your graphic design and marketing, so make sure to spend time investing in building and defining your brand.


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